Developing a unit or a multi-unit complex can be both financially and emotionally rewarding, but for many people, this task can be a daunting one. At Exquisite Developments, our design and project management teams guide you through the development process, from initial planning to construction and final handover.

Locally based, our experienced and friendly team boast a strong understanding of investment opportunities within the Victorian property market as well as a thorough appreciation of utility provider requirements, local council guidelines and applicable building regulations. Our experience has shown that these specific issues are regularly overlooked or not fully understood and as such can cause unwanted and unnecessary delays or additional project costs.

As one of Melbourne’s premier unit development builders, you can rest assured that we will provide the advice and guidance to help you choose the most suitable unit design to meet your needs. Through every step of the development process, we will work with you to deliver a project with no surprises, whilst ensuring that you make the most out of your valuable investment.

Whether you are building strata or a multi-unit development, we invite you to come and speak to one of our professional team members today.


Multi-unit designs work well with larger blocks that can fit four or more units or townhouses around a shared driveway. They are generally a more complex project than a duplex or triplex development because local councils are required to consider a range of additional factors.

As professional multi-unit builders in Melbourne, we have experienced the advantages of multi-unit developments. The obvious advantage is strong potential for solid returns from multi-unit sites, but you must carry out a complete feasibility study of the development in order to be 100% confident to undertake the project.

Get cutting edge design solutions for multi-unit developments in Melbourne with Exquisite Development. Let our experienced team help you from start to finish.