Exquisite Developments is a development company based in Melbourne comprised of experienced new home builders. We offer outstanding building services and take pride in providing the most competitive rates for new home builds, renovations, refurbishments, and maintenance whilst utilising the highest quality craftsmanship. You can rely on our team to build you your perfect home, supported by our extensive experience in remodelling and repair work.

We strive for absolute quality, and are reputed as being one of the best new home builders in the industry. Our construction team works alongside professional architects, designers and contractors to create the perfect new home projects across Melbourne.


Exquisite Developments believes architecture is an artistic expression as far as it transcends its purely utilitarian, technical, and rational realm, and turns into a metaphoric expression of the lived world, human condition and context.

We believe architecture is not merely about creation, it is about a discovery. Exquisite Developments creates unique experiences that always start from a clear strategy. Our Melbourne based team team of residential architects makes the experience of designing your home a memorable one.